• Stock flat fan guard units are specifically designed for general use were a Flat fan guard is required and meets stock flat fan guard OSHA standards. These are standard stock fan guards that are ready for shipment the next day.  
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  • These units are specifically designed for HVACR application were a low dome fan guarded with a motor mount application when it is requited and meets OSHA standards. These are standard stock fan guards that are ready for shipment the next day.
    • Meets all Fan Guard OSHA standards (.50”).
    • We use high quality material for maximum strength and flexibility.
    • Welded by certified welders using precision tooling.
    • Inspected for accuracy, strength by stringent quality control.
    • Custom finishes available: Powder coating, Zinc plating, and others finishes on request.
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  • Venturi Fan Panels assemblies are designed to mount a propeller blade and motor on an air exhaust unit that can move a large volume of air using minimum space. All GSI units are made in a heavy duty design and are finished in galvanized plate but can be finished in any powder coating colors.
  • GSI Vibration Absorbers are designed for installation in the suction and discharge lines of air conditioning and refrigeration systems. They dampen vibration through system piping that is induced by the compressor. It can also be used in water pipe applications. Our Vibration Absorbers are constructed of deep pitch corrugated tubing for increased flexibility and vibration absorption. They are high tensile wire braided for superior strength. Tubing and braid are reinforced by ferrules at each end and connected to female copper tube ends by high temperature braze alloys. Each vibration absorber is pressure tested then carefully vacuum tested, using a highly sensitive helium mass spectrometer leak detection device.
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  • Our expertise is in engineering and manufacturing precision made custom-designed fan guards. Our team of HVAC engineers will work closely with you on your design specifications, from prototype to final production. After precision tooling is completed, samples will be provided and approval required before mass production of your order begins. We can work with you on new designs or assist in modifying an existing fan guard design. We also can custom-design fan motor mounts which can allow you to hang the motor from the guard – eliminating the need for an extra motor mount. Many custom finishes are available.
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