Medical Copper Tube

GSI supplies the high grade of medical copper tubes to meet the application needs of medical gas system. ASTM B819 lists all the requirements for a particular type of DWV copper tube from copper material grade, temper, mechanical property, size, marking and cleaning methods etc.


Medical copper tubes are seamless ones produced for two wall thickness schedules of specially cleaned, straight lengths of seamless copper tube, identified as Types K and L, suitable for medical gas systems.




Medical Copper Tube


Standard:            ASTM B819


Copper Alloy:     C12200

Temper:               H58

Finish:                 Specially cleaned (alkaline washing, steam solvent washing, steam detergent washing, steam washing, vapor degreasing, and refrigerant degreasing) and capped.


Size:                       1/4” to 7/8”

Length:                 12’

Marking:              Incised


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