Gas Pancake Coil

Gold Stone HVACR Inc. offers premium Gas Coils for Wholesalers & Suppliers at competitive prices and expedited delivery times.  With a minimum of 99.9% pure copper tube (Alloy 12200), our GAS pancake coil / copper tubing is among the highest quality available for your gas systems.



Key Features of Gas Coils / Wholesaler & Supplier

With better parts, we create superior cooling systems which reduces breakdowns and improves performance. Gold Stone HVACR Inc.’s Gas Coils for Wholesaler & Supplier make this possible by meeting or exceeding quality standards to ensure optimal performance with the following features:

  • Gas Coil is a minimum of 99.9% pure copper tube (Alloy 12200)
  • Tube supplied meets or exceeds ASTM B837
  • Capped plain ends
Product No. Part No. Description O.D W. Length Case Size QTY / Case
(in.) (kg) (ft) mm*mm*mm unit
GAS 3/8 R 50 GAS 3/8 R 50 Gas Coil, Type G 3/8” 3/8 50 10
GAS 1/2 R 50 GAS 1/2 R 50 Gas Coil, Type G 1/2” 1/2 50 8
GAS 5/8 R 50 GAS 5/8 R 50 Gas Coil, Type G 5/8” 5/8 50 6
GAS 3/4 R 50 GAS 3/4 R 50 Gas Coil, Type G 3/4” 3/4 50 5


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