GAD Series Solid Core Liquid Line Filter Drier


The GAD series solid core liquid line filter drier uses a high-quality compression of small, spherical particles sintered into the desiccant module. It is combined with a high-density filter cloth that dries and effectively filters the system of water residue and debris.


  • High moisture and acid removal capacity
  • Sintered desiccant module creats no shock or friction during operation, minimizing the chance of desiccant deterioration
  • Filtration: 20 microns
  • Drying and filtering effect combination
  • Minimized pressure drop design improves system performance
  • Corrosion resistant epoxy powder coated, passed 500 hours salt spray test
  • Connection type:ODF or SAE
  • Refrigerant: R12, R134A, R22, R404A, R407C, R410A, R500, R502, R507
  • Maximum working pressure: 4.7 MPa/680 psi
  • With cULus certification




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