Coaxial Heat Exchanger


The coaxial heat exchanger is designed as a “tube in tube” structure. The outer tube is made of steel/copper, and the inner tube can be titanium, copper, copper-nickel depending on the requirements of working condition. ¬†For the inner tube is has many spiral grooves on the surface, which will enlarge the connection surface and get more heat transferred.

Since the temperatures of refrigeration and water are different, the heat will transfer from one with the high temperature to the other one. This is the counter-flow heat transfer principle, which allows the extensive exploitation of the super-heating of the refrigerant vapor and a super-cooling of the liquid refrigerant.


  • Our patented inner groove tube causes fluid turbulence, resulting in greater heat transfer.
  • The multi-lead inner groove of our tube effectively provides water slide to protect from freezing and damage.
  • We offer standard models in round, trombone, rectangle, double helix and spiral shape. You can also send us your specifications and we can customize design to fit your dimensions.
  • Our Coaxial heat exchanger is an ideal choice for heat-pump water heater, air/water source heat pump and many more. The inner tube can be lined with copper, cupronickel, stainless steel and titanium.


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