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    • 99% copper
    • Manufactured in straight tubes or coils
    • Refrigeration, plumbing, and other industries
    • Highly reputable brand worldwide in the industry
    • Meets or exceeds Industrial standard
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  • Our expertise is in engineering and manufacturing precision made standard size and OEM custom-designed wire grilles for HVACR applications. Whatever your needs, our team of engineers can work with your specifications to produce your special wire grilles. Samples will be sent for approval before mass production begins. Many custom finishes available. Minimum quantities apply.
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  • Aluminum Fin is designed to provide super corrosion resistance with high heat exchange efficiency for application near sea coasts and other corrosive environments.
  • MANIFOLDS (LIQUID LINE MANIFOLDS/SUCTION LINE MANIFOLDS) The manifolds are used on A-coils, slab coils, package air-conditioning units, condenser coils and package heat-pump units. Designed to replace capillary tubing which is hard to handle and easy damaged, giving a more predictable pressure drop. Replaces capillary tubes, distribute two-phase refrigerant to a coil.
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  • The GEK series molecular liquid line filter drier uses high quality compressed spherical desiccant that is compressed through automatic integration with high-density filters in the cylinder body. It acts as a drying filter that can effectively filter your system of residual water and debris. Note: For use in R410a system, please advise us, so we can use XH-11 desiccant for better performance.
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  • Micro channel heat exchangers are at the forefront of heat transfer technology. Goldstone offers a variety of microchannel coils. Including microchannel condenser coils, micro channel evaporator coils, as well as microchannel coils for heat pump application. We also offer a variety of customization options to meet your company’s unique specifications. Microchannel coils have many benefits, compared to traditional tube/fin. Here are some of them:
    • increased thermal efficiency
    • increased lifespan
    • reduced weight
    • reduced size
    • reduced refrigerant consumption
    • reduced air resistance
    • 100% recyclable
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  • The compressor is considered the heart of the system since it compresses the refrigerant and pumps it to a coil in the form of hot gas.
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  • Our expertise is in engineering and manufacturing precision made custom-designed fan guards. Our team of HVAC engineers will work closely with you on your design specifications, from prototype to final production. After precision tooling is completed, samples will be provided and approval required before mass production of your order begins. We can work with you on new designs or assist in modifying an existing fan guard design. We also can custom-design fan motor mounts which can allow you to hang the motor from the guard – eliminating the need for an extra motor mount. Many custom finishes are available.
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