China has emerged as the manufacturing giant of our time and doing business with China is a necessity for most product driven companies.

It is a common misconception that Made-in-China equates to poor quality. It is true that many products made in China are of poor quality, however, demand is generally dictated by the purchaser, not the manufacturer. The truth is that China is home to the some of the finest manufacturers on earth. As a purchaser the challenge is to discover which companies can manufacture your products at the level of quality you require. This can be difficult for many reasons i.e. language barrier, cultural misunderstandings, limited time to communicate with so many possible manufacturers, to name a few. Having an experienced and knowledgeable contact that you can trust within the manufacturing sector relevant to your industry is invaluable. Rely on this person or organization’s experience and you can immediately avoid many of the pitfalls that are possible when you decide to do business with China.