HVAC appliances are made up of many components. And in order for them to be working properly, each component has to be in the best condition. Out of all these components, there is one that might seem insignificant at first glance but is really important. And that component is the fan guard.

         Essentially speaking, the fan guard is the one that is used to provide a physical barrier around spinning fan blades to prevent accidental contact with fingers or other objects. Usually, a fan guard is constructed using a metal wire or plastic, and it is designed in a way that would maximize airflow while minimizing noise. Because of this particular purpose, a fan guard is, indeed, a necessity for a lot of HVAC systems.

         That is why, as an HVAC professional, you should have quality fan guards inside the systems that you’re offering to your customers. One way to make sure that your fan guards are of the best quality is to have a reliable manufacturer or supplier right by your side. 

         Luckily for you, manufacturers or wholesale suppliers of fan guards can literally be found anywhere, especially in China. So, if you’re in China and you’re looking for a manufacturer, but you just don’t know where to begin, here are ten companies to look out for.

Top Fan Guard Manufacturers in China

Wenzhou Sogomar Electric

Website: http://www.sogomar.com/

         Founded in 2001, Wenzhou Sogomar Electric Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter that specializes in the research, development, and production of components for distribution cabinets. In particular, the company is mainly engaged in AC axial fans with plastic and metal impellers, DC fans, external rotor fans, centrifugal fans, pipe fans, fan filters, fan guards, rotary switches, and more.

        All their products are manufactured in compliance with international quality standards. Additionally, they are greatly appreciated by their customers all over the world. As of right now, Sogomar has a customer base in countries such as the U.S.A., Egypt, France, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Singapore, the U.K., Turkey, Tunisia, U.A.E., and 30 other countries. 

Cool Whist Group

Website: http://www.coolwhist.cn/ 

         Cool Whist Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company that focuses on providing the best cooling plans for the industry. The company’s primary products include CPU/VGA coolers, AC/DC fans, notebook radiators, LED radiators, plastic/metal brackets, dehumidifiers, wine coolers, and many other series of products. Aside from offering these products, Cool Whist also provides OEM/ODM production services for many overseas customers. 

         As of right now, Cool Whist has more than 800 staff members, with 150 of them engineers. The company’s total business turnover is up to 200,000,000 RMB, and they have also passed ISO9001 certification. Moreover, all their products comply with RoHS, CE, TUV, and other inspection standards.

Dongguan Xingdong Electronics

Website: http://www.d-fan.com.cn/

         Founded in 2006, Dongguan Xingdong Electronics Co., Ltd. is a modern manufacturing enterprise that specializes in R&D and production of cooling fans, particularly AC/DC fans, crossflow fans, blowers, and motors. All Xingdong’s products are primarily used for ventilation and heat dissipation of equipment. And they are also mainly utilized in fields such as computers, power supplies, home appliances, automobiles, security, communication, medical, industrial control, electric power, printing, military, electric welding machines, instruments.

Anping County Dinghe Wire Mesh

Website: http://www.wiremeshman.com/

         Anping County Dinghe Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is a big wire mesh manufacturer located in Anping of Hebei Province, which is also known as the Wire Mesh Land of China. Dinghe specializes in wire drawing, galvanizing, and wire mesh weaving. Some of the products that the company produces include stainless steel wire meshes, metal wires, binding wires, welded wire meshes, crimped wire meshes, and many more. 

         Dinghe’s products have been widely used in a variety of applications, such as in petroleum, mine, construction, and other industries. Additionally, they have been sold not only in China but in other countries and regions as well, like the U.S.A., Europe, Japan, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Linkwell Electric 

Website: http://www.linkwell.org/

         Linkwell Electric Co., Ltd. is a company in Shanghai that primarily deals with low-voltage electrical products for switchgear board and automation industry. Some of the company’s primary products include panel filters and fans, panel heaters, thermostats, flexible busbars, terminal blocks, din rails, wiring ducts, and many more. 

         Linkwell has now sold their products to over 60 countries all over the world, with most of their customers located in Europe and the Middle East. 

Peaceful Hardware and Mesh

Website: http://www.peacewiremesh.com/

         Founded in 1988, Peaceful Hardware and Mesh Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter that specializes in wire mesh products. As of right now, the company has more than 80 production sets, all fully equipped with inspection equipment and a staff of 182 people including 38 professional technicians. 

         The company’s primary products include gabion and mattress, chain link fence, fence netting and fence series, SNS fence, chicken wire, concrete reinforcement wire meshes, welded wire meshes, and so on. These products have been sold well in countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, Japan, Brazil, the U.S.A., South Africa, and more.

Zhejiang SMS Technology

Website: http://www.smsdq.com/en/

         Zhejiang SMS Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that specializes in solar mounting systems, electric connections, and related products. The company’s primary products include terminal blocks, piercing connectors, connection boxes, DIN rails, fan and ventilation filters, and much more. In addition to offering these products, they also offer OEM/ODM services for their customers, especially the ones overseas. These products have been widely used in numerous industries, such as electric and electronic industry, electric equipment. They are also used in industrial automation, street lighting and power control system in traffic and transportation, posts and telecommunication, petrochemical industry, industrial building, etc.

         The company has passed the ISO9000 certification for many years, and their products have also been approved by CE, RoHS, CCC, UL, and many other international standard certifications. 

Shenzhen Xinyujie Technology

Website: http://www.xinyujie.com/

         Established in 2006, Shenzhen Xinyujie Technology Co., Ltd. is a company that specializes in developing and producing AC/DC cooling fans. In particular, the company’s primary products include DC axial fans, AC axial fans, blowers, bracket fans, and other fan accessories. 

         Xinyujie’s products have been widely used in a variety of applications. Some of these applications are communication devices, big server machines, security and protection monitoring, and professional air amplifiers. 

Tingxiang Electric

Website: http://en.tesoer.com/

         Tingxiang Electric Co., Ltd. is an innovative company that provides environmental and intelligent solutions for all aspects of ventilation systems in the industrial field. In particular, the company focuses on the safety of the cabinet control environment and energy-saving problems. Thus providing a comprehensive and professional optimization scheme for cabinet control environment. The company primarily produces and sells electric control cabinet accessories, such as axial fans, filter fans, heaters, cabinet air conditioning. 

         After years of effort, Tingxiang has eventually developed into a professional manufacturer that specializes in research and development, production, and sales and with advanced production technology and scientific management system. They have also obtained multiple certifications, such as ISO9001: 2008, CCC, CE, SGS, RoHS, IP54, and many more. 

Anping Xingmao Metal Wire Mesh 

Website: https://www.alcp94.com/

         Anping Xingmao Metal Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is located in Anping County, Hebei Province. The company is considered as one of the biggest wire mesh companies in China. They have advanced technology and equipment for production, test, and inspection. Some of their most well-known products include gabion baskets, gabion boxes, security fences, garrison fencing, , and many more.

         These products are all inspected by their professional inspection team. These products can also be manufactured depending on the customers’ requirements. As a result, Xingmao’s products are well-received and are widely applied in petroleum, chemical, food, construction, and other industries.

Takeaway: Looking for a Manufacturer or a Wholesale Supplier of Fan Guards in China?

         Fan guards may seem inconsequential at first glance, but they are actually important for a lot of HVAC systems. This is primarily because fan guards provide a physical barrier around spinning fan blades to prevent accidental contact with fingers or other objects. With their importance established, it should come as no surprise that as an HVAC professional, you need to have quality fan guards in the HVAC systems that you’re offering to your clients. 

         As your luck would have it, there are so many manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of fan guards out there. You can literally find them everywhere, especially in China. Because of this, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one just for you.

         Despite that, however, you do need to start your search somewhere, especially that there are so many of these manufacturers and wholesale suppliers. You can use this list as a starting point. This is because the ten companies mentioned above are already well-known names in the HVAC industry. In addition to that, they also already have loyal customers who can vouch for the quality of their products. Basically, it’s likely a guarantee that if you pick any of the companies mentioned above, you’re going to be in good hands.