Filter Drier

Filter Driers are a key component in any refrigeration or air conditioning system. Goldstone offers molecular sieve filter driers and desiccant filter driers. We have liquid line driers and suction line driers with various connection sizes for your convenience. For customers that require a bi-flow solution we also have a bi-flow filter drier equipped to effectively filter your system.

Filter Driers

Bi-Flow Liquid Line Filter Drier GFK Series

GPL Filter Cylinder

Liquid Line Filter Drier/Sight Glass Combination GEG Series

Molecular Sieve Liquid Line Filter Drier GEK Series

Solid Core Liquid Line Filter Drier GAD Series

Suction Line Filter Drier GFX Series

Filter Core

Filter Core Series


Manufacturing process and quality material is the key to producing a world class filter drier. When you combine skilled work with high grade material, the result is a filter drier that you can depend on. Quality filter driers are built with extra attention placed on professional welding. Our factory recognizes this and has been manufacturing leak-free filter driers since 2002.

Technology, craftsmanship and production capacity have made our factory one of the biggest and most efficient filter-drier manufacturing centers in the world. Our filter-driers are used by some of the biggest names in the HVACR industry. Customers trust our filter driers because GSI only supplies components that are manufactured and


GSI filter driers undergo extensive quality control testing. Our filter driers come with an industry leading warranty. We have quality control teams working in both China and Canada to make sure that your filter driers are consistent in quality and performance. Quality filter driers delivered on a committed lead-time is how GSI continues to provide a customer care experience that you can trust.

GSI has been supplying high quality filter driers since 2006. With one office in Shenzhen, China and our headquarters in Ontario, Canada, we are able to work with our customers and factories more efficiently. This makes for more effective communication between departments and companies.